Welcome to Can’t Help But Stare! My name is Renata Farbman and I’m the Founder and
Chief Wardrobe Consultant of Can’t Help But Stare, a company that strives to empower woman through their wardrobe. Let me clarify what I mean by this. My main mission is, and always has been, to educate women on how to best dress their shape, building self-confidence along the way.

The concept for Can’t Help But Stare was born when I was home on maternity leave with
my first child. I noticed women were hiding behind their clothes instead of using them to make
a positive statement about themselves. Having been there myself, I felt a strong urge to help them ~ hence my mission! – To empower women through their wardrobe.

I was then faced with a serious choice: Would I go back to my previous career where I didn’t feel true passion just because it was the safe thing to do? Of course not! I went back to school,
became a fashion stylist and Can’t Help But Stare was born. The feeling I got from helping
other women look and feel their best was so incredibly fulfilling. I had rediscovered my passion and I have never looked back.

My company offers a wide array of services including fashion styling, image consultation,
personal shopping, as well as special event speaking. I’d be more than happy to help you too!

Let's connect! Find me on: Facebook Twitter Pintrest Instagram YouTube Or feel free to Contact Me

I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Renata Farbman