Personal Shopping

Personal Shopping

Do you feel overwhelmed entering a shopping mall, so you find yourself just giving up? Shopping can be frustrating and exhausting especially when you need new clothes but have no clue where to start. To make matters worse, the abundance of stores and trends may seem attractive, but it can make you feel lost. You are busy with work, the kids, family life etc. and just don’t have the time to make yourself a priority, so you settle for presenting yourself in a mediocre way.

Renata is here to guide you through that minefield of frustration! You deserve to look and feel amazing in your clothes and a Personal Shopping session is just the ticket to achieving wardrobe success.

Prior to your Personal Shopping session, Renata will choose at least three stores that are best suited for your personal goals, body shape and budget. All of the items will be handpicked by Renata before you arrive so that there is a rack of clothes waiting for you to try on. It is a true bespoke VIP experience. This process maximizes our time together and ensures you leave with at least three to five intermixable outfits from head to toe that you LOVE, and there is absolutely no pressure to buy.


As you try on pieces, that’s when the magic happens. Renata will explain which items to focus on and which to avoid, as well as educate you on which colours, cuts and styles best flatter your silhouette. Please expect to spend a minimum of three hours together. You will leave with new outfits that leave you feeling polished, current, and put together. But more importantly, you will leave with a newfound confidence and understanding of how best to dress your unique body and enhance your personal style.

If this interests you, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Renata, today!