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Renata, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for your amazing service.

To me this is beyond just a wardrobe consultation! After you’ve left I started to think completely differently about myself and my life choices.

Through our session I began to understand that I am not in love with the one person whom which I spend the most time with in a day – ME!

It is time for me to explore myself, to find my voice, my true and unique personality, which was given to me by our creator and use that light to inspire and help other women. It’s time for me to fall in love with ME!

I know most people think that clothing is a luxury, and a mundane thing that you have to wear just in order to not walk around nude (this is how I thought), but I now realize that the way we dress and the way we think and project ourselves does make all the difference in the world.

It is about letting your light shine through, it is about letting your voice be heard, about being present, about loving and accepting yourself just the way you are, AND having the right attire to support that.

I am the story, and my clothes are the book cover and pages.

Thank you for walking me through my journey of falling in love with myself, again, and helping me write my story using the right paper, pen, colour, and material.

You are awesome!!

– Dorit Palvanov

I want to send a huge thank you to Renata Farbman for a fun and eye opening shopping experience. Renata was very prepared, worked within my budget and was able to help me find exactly what I was looking for. I loved that she took the time beforehand to go and pull clothing and put outfits together before we even met. The best part was that the clothing was waiting on racks for me when I got to the stores! After three hours, I went home with some amazing pieces. I am so glad I booked my shopping trip with Renata (would love to do another!). If you are in need of a little bit of guidance, or you are just a mom who needs a little bit of pampering, book a shopping trip with Renata, you will not regret it!

– Rachel Givon

As I sit here reflecting on my time with Renata, I can’t help but smile. Words cannot express my gratitude for this life altering experience. In three hours, Renata has not only taught me to shop keeping the key do’s and don’ts for my body in my mind but she has given me a confidence and a love for a body I have hated for years.

Throughout the whole shopping experience, Renata was positive and full of life and she can’t help but pass that energy onto her clients. With her, I felt like I was shopping with a girlfriend I have known for years and this time I knew this girlfriend was going to be brutally honest when asked, “how does this look?”

I highly recommend the shopping experience with Renata to anyone who needs a pick me up and wants to look their best no matter the occasion! Believe me once she is done with you, you can’t help but stare!”

– Anna Burno

Thank you so much for the amazing experience – from start to finish. I say finish but it is certainly not the last time I will be coming to you as a personal shopper and general wardrobe expert. I was drawn to you not just because I knew you from mommy group 5 years ago, but because I admired your style and zest for life that came through in your own wardrobe and blog.

You are patient, positive, and very quickly identified what was working (and not) in my current closet. Who knew cleaning out a closet and throwing away clothes I used to be attached to would be fun… but it was. The best part was of course spending a few hours shopping with you. Even though it was several months after phase 1,’ you knew exactly what I was looking for and what type of style would take me slightly out of my comfort zone but yet work for me and get me excited. You put so much effort into planning the experience and it was fun and easy, and makes me only want to shop with you by my side moving forward!

Thank you again for making me fall in love with new Brands, styles and my closet! You are an amazing stylist and consultant, and I wish you continued success.

Can’t wait to do it again soon!

– Kerry Fleiser

Renata came over and we went through my closet together. I knew a lot of it needed to go (most of it didn’t fit me after having kids). It was really helpful to have Renata explain WHY each outfit didn’t fit properly. The pants style/cut I bought accentuated my thighs. The tops I owned made my shoulders look bigger and didn’t flatter my waistline.

Renata has changed EVERYTHING about shopping for me. She explained what I should look for in the store and how to make outfits look better. She was so patient. Shopping with her was like shopping with a friend, but she was going to tell me the truth. What made things better is that she was able to tell what I liked & helped me pick things that suited my personality.

I love everything in my closet now. The morning dread of “What am I going to wear” is no longer there. Now it’s replaced with the excitement of “Oh my goodness I’m going to wear this outfit today & I can pair it with this necklace and these shoes”.

Since shopping with Renata, I’ve gotten many compliments about how great I look. People have commented on my body and saying I look a lot skinnier (I haven’t lost any weight recently, its the clothes), more professional at work, and happier. But the biggest compliment came from my husband. He loves my new outfits but said that it’s more than having new clothes. Now I look confident and stand taller.

Thank you Renata!!!

– Amy Akulin

It’s been a few weeks since I came back from my shopping session with Renata. Carrying over 20 items that I absolutely love, I was so excited!

My normal shopping experience usually resulted in a couple of items that I liked (and sometimes loved) but wasn’t always sure what to pair with. How did Renata help me find so many tops, pants, skirts and blazers that are true to my style, look great and go well with other items in my closet???

She just “got it”! She got my lifestyle, what I needed to complete my wardrobe and she did her homework too. Walking into a store and having many items pre picked by Renata for my to try on was just amazing!

Going through this process with Renata was so much fun. Her positive attitude is contagious. She’s a pleasure and I highly recommend her services to anyone whether you’re looking for a style makeover or just a quick update to your wardrobe.

Thank you, Renata!

– Vared Klein

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