Wardrobe Consultation

Wardrobe Consultation Services Include

Renata, a wardrobe and image consultant since 2014 can help you look your best and relieve the stress by helping you navigate your existing wardrobe and through personal shopping.

Closet Edit:

Closet Edit

Do you have a closet full of clothes, but nothing to wear? That frustration of having to get dressed every morning or being stuck rotating the same two to three outfits can leave you feeling defeated. There is nothing worse than showing up to work, meeting a friend, or enjoying a night on the town when you’re not feeling confident in how you present yourself. It can affect your self-esteem, relationships, and productivity in a very negative way.

Here’s how Renata, a wardrobe and image consultant since 2014 can relieve all that stress and help you look and feel like a million bucks.

Renata helping a client with the wardrobe

During your one-on-one in-home consultation, Renata will educate you on how to enhance the parts of your body that you love and camouflage your perceived flaws. After all, if you don’t know how to dress your body it is impossible to dress well. Next, she will take inventory of your closet and help you decide which pieces are no longer serving you so that attention can be given to creating outfits you will want to wear. Renata will then show you how to use the current pieces you have and put them together in different ways that you may not have considered before. Together, you will discover your unique personal style. Your wardrobe must feel authentic to who you are, or you will not wear it with confidence. As women, we are constantly evolving so the woman you were five years ago, is not the woman you are today. This may be one of the reasons your wardrobe is no longer working for you. Lastly, Renata will create a list of staple items that are missing in your wardrobe based on your lifestyle and goals.

If a Closet Edit is something that resonates with you, contact Renata today!