Watercolour Pastels & Wedding Attire…

Happy Thursday Everyone! So sorry for my mini-hiatus. I was super busy with some exciting events happening due to the blog so I had to prioritize. I guess that’s what being a stay-at-home mom/working mom is all about!

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We are approaching the end of August and wedding season is in full swing. I have only had one wedding to attend to this summer. I love weddings! Not only do I have an excuse to get dressed up, it’s also a fun night out with the hubby and friends! I don’t get out too often so when an opportunity to dance and have a few cocktails arises, I am all over it. This event is at the Eagles Nest Golf Course in Maple, Ontario. I bought this dress last year and it is definitely a front runner in my closet. Obsessed with the watercolour design and the gorgeous pastel shades that continue to be on trend. The fit is extraordinary. The empire waist style is one of my favourites, with all that fabric that flows away from your body, you can indulge in some extra dessert and no one will ever know. The nude band accentuates the narowest part of the waist, which is extremely flattering. Loving the pleated details, which give off an instant regal and feminine feel, while the sheer cut outs near the neckline add a hint of sexiness. I topped off the look with these blush pink heels with ruffled accents – I’m a sucker for girlie details. I found them years ago at DSW for $20! Shocking , I know. I decided to go low key with the accessories because I really wanted the dress to be the focus. Weddings can run anywhere from 3 – 7 hrs (yes this has happened!) so having a dress that is super chic and comfortable is imperative. Woo hoo – it’s time to party!

Here are a few other options with a similar look:


Thank you so much for reading, really appreciate all of your love and support!!!

Renata, xo

Huge Thanks to Natalie Goldfinger Levy, the incredible creative genius photographer! You always make me feel so comfortable during our photo shoots! Shout out to the hair guru himself, Angelo from the amazing Salon Life for always making my hair look so fabulous!

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