Mommy Wardrobe Makeover!!!

Yay!!! So excited for my first mommy wardrobe makeover on the blog πŸ™‚ I had the pleasure of working with Jen, a stay-at-home mom of two from Thornhill, Ontario. Jen is planning on starting a business in September and was in need of a closet revamp to help her feel more professional and up-to-date.


Like many of us moms, Jen was stuck in a rut, wearing ill-fitted, somewhat juvenile clothing, as well as having everything in multiples. She would find a favourite tank-top on sale and buy it in ten different colours. I had never seen so many tanks in my life! Can anyone relate? LOL! Basically, Jen’s wardrobe looked like a teenagers closet that didn’t enhance her assets at all. As a result, her clothing wasn’t emphasizing who she really is. What Jen truly wanted was to present herself as a feminine, sophisticated, mature woman. The problem was, she felt all of those things on the inside but her outer appearance didn’t match. That’s where I came in. We went through her closet together, eliminating all of the items that were not serving her, only creating chaos and clutter.


After our cleanse, I educated Jen by providing her with information on which pieces would enhance and flatter her figure the most. When describing people’s body types, I don’t like using words like pear, inverted triangle or round. Who wants to be called a pear, triangular or round?! These generic descriptions seem so demeaning to me. Alternatively, I like to focus on empowering women through the process of learning how to best dress their unique body – that is my goal. I will call Jen a Goddess because everyone is beautiful no matter the shape of their body. Embrace what you have and learn to work with it! Jen has a pretty straight body, with slightly wider shoulders so our goal was to emphasize her slim waist, create curves, and elongate. We looked for pieces with texture, print, delicate feminine details, keeping in mind the “mature woman”.





As you can see, from some of her purchases, we opted for v-neck tops which are great at drawing the focus toward your chest or neckline and away from your shoulders. We also avoided tops with spaghetti straps, cap sleeves, and boat necks, which only add bulk on top. As you can see, the feminine ruffles, polka dots, and bow details are all visually interesting and draw your eye towards the centre of her body. This printed wrap dress is Jens best friend because it creates that perfect hour-glass shape. FYI – a good wrap dress is the most flattering type of dress for most body types. Wrap dresses made of soft fabrics such as jersey, can help slim your waist and create a unified, feminine look. Another style that is everywhere right now, and has been for a while, is the peplum style, which also does an incredible job of creating curves, especially for Jen. Next, we tackled denim, which is my personal favourite. Seeing Jen’s face light up when I introduced her to the high-waisted (no muffin top ever again) jeans, was priceless. We stalked her wardrobe with three denim staples; One lighter wash for a more casual look, one darker wash, and black wash which can both be dressed up or down. It should also be noted that we opted for skinny jeans in order to accentuate Jen’s great legs.

Overall, we edited Jens closet, built her a new wardrobe and educated her along the way. Knowing how to best dress your body is absolutely priceless. Think about all the money and time Jen wasted over the years investing in clothes that were all wrong for her. At the end of the process, I helped Jen find a new level of inner confidence. She walked a little but straighter, held her head a little higher and now has the skills, knowledge and tools to shop independently and efficiently.



Go Jen!!! It was a pleasure working with you!!! I thank you so much for being a part of this post, and hope that the readers can relate to your story. I certainly can.

Thanks you so much for reading!!!

Renata, xo

Find a few of Jens purchases here:

blue toprocket jeanstop

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