A Wardrobe Transformation!!!

Just want to start off by apologizing for taking some time off the blog. Things have picked up in the “Wardrobe Consulting” world and as a mom and business owner, I have really been struggling to keep up. I hope you understand. But I am back and ready to share a story with you about a client I recently had the pleasure of working with named Tari. A beautiful mom of four and fulltime real estate agent, Tari contacted me in hopes that I would help her transform her wardrobe to suit her lifestyle and teach her how to best dress for her shape. Tari had also recently lost some weight and was struggling with how to dress her new body.


Here are a few questions I asked Tari at the beginning of our journey together in order to understand her current frustrations and ultimate goals:

What are your biggest wardrobe challenges?

“It’s a safe closet! Meaning most of my clothes are neutral, I can mix and match a lot of items, but I don’t! I usually go to the same old standard, so it’s quite boring. I find it difficult to put outfits together from top to bottom. I never know what works and what doesn’t!

I recently lost some weight, I am not sure whether I should alter some of my existing clothing or get rid of it. I feel my closet is not organized properly. Also I desperately need shoes and accessories, I just don’t know how to complete a look!

I do not like having to adjust my clothes throughout the day and I am not a fan of heels. I work full time in real estate and full time mother to 4 kids, ages 22-14. When I am not working I’m cleaning and organizing and cooking so I usually change my clothes when I’m in the house, and if I have to go out to work in the evening I am changing back into decent clothes.

What is the main goal you wish to achieve from this process? What will make you the happiest by the end of us working together?

“My goal is to have a better grasp on my wardrobe, what works for me and what doesn’t. Also how to put together, mix and match, so I don’t always look the same. I believe I already know what looks good on me, I think? I could be wrong. Accessorizing is something I do not do, and would like to know some tips/rules on doing it.”

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Tari was an unbelievable client to work with. She was ready for a transformation on the inside and out and was completely empowered through the process. Our focus was building her a whole new wardrobe that was intermixable in order to make it as easy as possible for Tari to put together an outfit. By introducing her to colour, subtle prints, well-fitted clothing specifically geared to flatter her shape, her confidence level was at a all-time high. Tari now has the tools to walk into a store and know exactly what to focus on, knowledge that is invaluable and will help her save money in long run by avoiding costly mistakes. She is one unstoppable woman, looking great, feeling great and ready to conquer the world! Go Tari!!!!!


Thank you so much for reading! Can anyone relate to Tari’s Challenges? Would love to hear your thoughts!!!

Renata, xo

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