5 Easy Tips on How to Edit Your Closet for Fall

Ok! ok! it’s official. The leaves are starting to change colour, apple orchards are ripe for the picking, and that feeling of crisp cool morning air is upon us, which can only mean one thing: Autumn has officially arrived and summer has quickly become a distant memory. The cold weather came so quickly this year and without warning. That’s how Toronto rolls I guess. I mean, I dressed my kids in their winter coats to go to school today! Luckily for us, it’s now time to take inventory of our closets, a little cleansing if you will ~ I sense you’re not as excited as I am LOL. Time for us to do some much needed purging and switch over our wardrobes from summer to fall/winter. Now is the time to organize our warmer gear in an efficient & clutter free fashion. To help you out, I’ve listed my top 5 tips on ‘How to edit your closet for fall’.

closet mess1) Take all summer items and store them away to make room for your fall wardrobe. Make sure to make an exception for summer items that can be transitioned into fall and any items you may be taking with you on your winter vacation down south ~ {i.e. Tees or tanks that can be worn under a blazer, cardigan or sweater}. Switching over your closet from summer to fall/winter will help you de-clutter and will allow you to truly see what you have.

2) Go through your closet. Do any items have non – removable stains? Is the item faded? Lost it’s colour? Pilling or have any rips that you can’t fix? Chances are, you haven’t analyzed your fall wardrobe in several months and you’ll be surprised at how many items you may have in your closet that falls under this category. Please get rid of these items as they are no longer serving you well!

3) Have I worn this item in the past year (last fall) or more? Ladies, if the answer is no, chances are YOU WILL NEVER WEAR IT! I have done it many times, tried on an item looked in the mirror, and never made it out the door. It’s a sign, don’t ignore it ~ the piece is simply not meant for you anymore. The most common rebuttal I get from my clients on this rule is, “I’m waiting until I lose ten pounds then I will wear it” or “I just know its going to come back into fashion – I can’t get rid of it”. Well here’s what I say in response: you should love everything in your closet TODAY. As women, we fluctuate in our weight, pre-baby, post baby, stressful times in our lives, I understand and have certainly been there, but we are holding onto items that are only creating chaos and clutter. As a result, we can’t “see” the items that fit and flatter us. And as for trends, let me tell you when they do come back, they come back in a better style, fabric and fit. So as my daughter would say, “let it got, let it go”!!!

4) Is this item ill fitting? Does this item flatter my shape? I just helped a client who was wearing denim that were constantly falling down, she kept adjusting them, pulling them up ~ she was simply uncomfortable. Try on your fall pieces, stand in the mirror, you need to feel confident and comfortable in your clothing ~ your intuition will let you know whether the item needs to stay or go. Listen to it! If the item doesn’t fit or flatter your shape anymore please eliminate it. Give it to a friend or family member; they will be thrilled.

5) If you have begun shopping for fall, every time you buy a new item, remove one from your closet or give it away. This is something I have been doing for years, and it’s a great way to remove excess clothing and clutter. With the arrival of a new season, you are excited with new purchases so it should be much easier to eliminate items you no longer need.

Hope you found these tips helpful! Really appreciate you reading and hope you have the most wonderful start to the week. Here’s to cleansing our closets! You will feel liberated, I promise! Good Luck!

Renata, xo

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